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Bida, Niger, Nigeria

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Bida is a city in the Niger state of Nigeria, situated on the banks of the Niger River. As of 2021, the estimated population of Bida is around 198,000, making it the second-largest city in Niger State after Minna. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, traditional architecture, and hospitality.

One of the nicest areas in Bida is Wushishi Road. It is a popular residential area that boasts of good road networks, accessible public transportation, and proximity to essential amenities such as supermarkets, banks, and schools. The housing prices in this area range from NGN 500,000 to NGN 20 million, depending on the type of property and location. The area is relatively safe, and crime rates are low. Some notable landmarks in the area include the Federal Polytechnic Bida and Bida Emirate Palace. Public persons known to live in this area are mainly civil servants, businesspeople, and academics.

Another prominent area in Bida is Old GRA. It is an affluent residential area that is home to some of the most luxurious homes in the city. The area is known for its serene and peaceful environment, making it ideal for families and individuals who prefer a quieter lifestyle. Housing prices in Old GRA are relatively high, ranging from NGN 10 million to NGN 150 million. The area is relatively safe, and crime rates are low. Notable landmarks in this area include the famous Minna-Bida Road and the Emir's Palace. Public persons known to live in Old GRA include politicians, businessmen, and senior government officials.

Bida is known for its strong agricultural industry, with a large portion of the population engaged in farming activities. The city is known for the production of crops such as yam, cassava, millet, and maize. Apart from agriculture, Bida is also home to several small and medium-scale businesses that contribute significantly to the local economy.

The people of Bida are known for their rich cultural heritage and traditional festivals. The city is home to the famous Nupeland Cultural Festival, which is celebrated annually to showcase the cultural diversity of the people. The festival attracts tourists from all over the world, making it a significant source of revenue for the city.

Bida is well connected to other parts of Nigeria through a network of roads and highways. The city is located along the major Lagos-Kano railway line, which makes it easy to transport goods and people to and from other parts of the country. Bida is also home to the Federal Polytechnic Bida, which provides quality education to students from all over Nigeria.

Bida is a city with a rich cultural heritage, a booming agricultural industry, and a growing economy. The city boasts of several nicest areas and suburbs, each with its unique characteristics and attractions. The people of Bida are hospitable and welcoming, making it an ideal place to live, work, and visit.