Nicest Suburbs

Banswara, Rajasthan, India

Banswara, a captivating city located in the southern part of Rajasthan, India, is renowned for its scenic landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant traditions. Situated amidst the rugged terrain of the Aravalli Range, Banswara serves as the administrative headquarters of the Banswara District. With a population of approximately 1.8 lakh inhabitants as of 2021, the city exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the essence of Rajasthani hospitality.

Banswara boasts several exceptional areas and suburbs that showcase its unique charm and appeal. Let's explore some of the most noteworthy ones, along with their distinctive features.

1. Talwara: Situated on the eastern bank of River Mahi, Talwara is a picturesque area known for its serene surroundings and lush greenery. It offers a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Housing in Talwara primarily consists of spacious independent houses and apartments, catering to different budget ranges. The average property prices here range from INR 25 lakhs to INR 1 crore, depending on the size and location.

Transportation in Talwara is well-connected, with frequent bus services and auto-rickshaws plying to and from the city center. Safety is not a major concern in this area, as it is relatively peaceful and secure. Some notable landmarks in Talwara include the scenic Talwara Lake and the historic Anand Sagar Jain Temple. While no prominent public figures are known to reside in Talwara specifically, the area is home to a diverse mix of local residents who contribute to its cultural vibrancy.

2. Ghatol: Nestled amidst the picturesque Aravalli Hills, Ghatol is a charming suburb of Banswara that offers breathtaking natural beauty. This area is known for its tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a serene living environment. Housing in Ghatol comprises a mix of traditional Rajasthani-style houses, farmhouses, and some modern residential complexes. The average property prices in Ghatol range from INR 15 lakhs to INR 70 lakhs.

In terms of transportation, Ghatol is connected to Banswara through well-maintained roads. Local buses and private taxis are readily available for commuting to and from the city center. Safety in Ghatol is generally good, with a low crime rate. The area is dotted with several attractions, including the Ghatol Fort, known for its architectural grandeur and historical significance. Ghatol is also famous for its traditional handicrafts and local artwork. While no prominent public figures are known to reside in Ghatol, the area is home to a close-knit community that cherishes its cultural heritage.

3. Kushalgarh: Located in the western part of Banswara, Kushalgarh is a bustling suburban area known for its vibrant markets and commercial activities. The locality is a hub for trade and commerce, attracting businessmen and entrepreneurs. Housing options in Kushalgarh range from affordable apartments to spacious villas, catering to different budget preferences. The average property prices in this area range from INR 20 lakhs to INR 1.5 crores.