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Ambur, Tamil Nadu, India

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Ambur, located in the Vellore district of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, is a bustling town known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and thriving leather industry. Situated approximately 180 kilometers southwest of Chennai, Ambur is a significant commercial and industrial center in the region. With its vibrant atmosphere, warm hospitality, and diverse population, Ambur offers a unique blend of traditional values and modern development.

As of September 2021, Ambur had an estimated population of around 116,000 inhabitants. However, please note that the population figures may have changed since then due to natural growth and urban development. The town is predominantly inhabited by Tamil-speaking people, but you can also find a mix of other communities, including Telugu, Urdu, and Malayalam speakers.

Ambur is known for its beautiful and well-planned residential areas, each with its own distinct characteristics and attractions. Let's explore some of the nicest areas or suburbs in Ambur:

1. Saidapet: Saidapet is a prominent residential area in Ambur, known for its peaceful ambiance and well-connected location. The neighborhood offers a mix of independent houses, apartments, and gated communities. The housing prices in Saidapet vary depending on the property type and size, ranging from affordable to upscale. It is a favored locality for families due to its proximity to schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. The transportation facilities in Saidapet are excellent, with regular bus services and convenient access to the Ambur railway station. Safety is generally considered good, with a low crime rate. The area is also home to several landmarks, including Saidapet Mosque and Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple.

2. Pernambut: Pernambut is a picturesque suburb located on the outskirts of Ambur. It is known for its serene surroundings and lush green landscapes. The housing prices in Pernambut are relatively affordable compared to the city center. The suburb is well-connected to Ambur through frequent bus services and is easily accessible by road. Safety is considered satisfactory, with a friendly and close-knit community. Pernambut is home to several landmarks, including Pernambut Hill Fort, a historical fort with architectural significance. The area is also known for its religious diversity, with temples, mosques, and churches coexisting harmoniously.

3. Irumbuliyur: Irumbuliyur is a rapidly developing residential area in Ambur. It offers a range of housing options, from budget-friendly apartments to luxury villas. The housing prices in Irumbuliyur are competitive, making it an attractive choice for young professionals and families. The area has good transportation connectivity, with regular bus services and easy access to the Ambur railway station. Safety is generally considered satisfactory, with a visible police presence. Irumbuliyur is known for its proximity to educational institutions, making it a convenient choice for students and academicians. The area also houses a few landmarks, such as the historic Irumbuliyur Perumal Temple.

Ambur, being a town with a rich cultural heritage, is home to several landmarks and historical sites. Some notable landmarks include the Ambur Fort, a majestic 18th-century fort built by the Nawabs of Arcot, and the Khaderpet Dargah, a revered Islamic shrine attracting devotees from far and wide. Additionally, the town boasts various temples like the Sri Munishwarar Temple and Sri Kaliamman Temple, which hold religious significance and are centers of community activity.

In terms of safety, Ambur is generally considered a safe place to live, with a low crime rate. However, like any other town, it is advisable to take necessary precautions and follow basic safety guidelines.