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Nicest Suburbs: Unveiling the Best Suburbs to Live in Worldwide

Nicest Suburbs is a comprehensive platform that helps individuals and families make informed decisions about where to live by providing valuable insights into thousands of suburbs worldwide. The platform takes into account factors such as safety, cost of living, quality of education, accessibility, and amenities to determine the best suburbs to reside in. It aims to be a one-stop solution for people looking to relocate, invest in property, or explore attractive suburban areas.

A key feature of Nicest Suburbs is its interactive maps, which visually represent cities and indicate particularly nice or undesirable places to live. These maps provide users with a convenient way to explore and compare different cities based on their preferences and requirements.

In addition to the interactive maps, Nicest Suburbs offers detailed information about each suburb, considering aspects such as safety, quality of schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational options. This comprehensive approach ensures that users have access to a wealth of information to make well-informed decisions about their future homes.

Overall, Nicest Suburbs serves as the ultimate resource for individuals seeking the perfect suburban haven. Whether users are looking to relocate, invest in property, or simply explore charming suburbs around the world, this platform provides the necessary tools and information to discover the best places to live.

The Nicest Suburbs Map

Defining what is a nice place to live is a highly complex and subjective process, including quality of life, safety and stability, economics and inflation, etc. Therefore, the map about the best countries to live was calculated using a number of different sources:


The map was created using OpenLayers, with extensions provided by ol-ext. This uses imagery from OpenStreetMap, Thunderforest, Bing Maps, and Mapquest. Geocoding is provided by Nominatim via ol3-geocoder. The site logo is sourced from Freepik. Hosting is provided by x10Hosting.

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